Self Managed Super Funds

It’s Pretty Easy To Spot The Winners In Superannuation.
But Self-Managed Super Funds Have Their Own Pitfalls

Self-managed Super Funds (SMSF) give their owners control of their super to invest as they choose and over the past few years have outperformed industry super-funds by an average of 2.8%.


You can invest your super in any legal financial instrument you choose as long as it is managed in accordance with the complex statutory requirements.


At MW Lomax, we can set up and manage your SMSF so that you gain all the benefits of controlling your super without the complexity and risk. This is an area where you will fully appreciate the benefits of working with a firm that takes care of all your financial needs, because the tax and reporting associated with an SMSF is quite complex and very stringently enforced.


Our SMSF experts will not only help you gain the greatest returns on your super, but will liaise with our Accounting, Tax and other departments to ensure that your reporting is accurate and timely and your assets structured appropriately.


We can even help you arrange loans on beneficial terms to help accelerate the growth of your SMSF using our in-house loan department which has access to a wide range of potential lenders and favourable terms and conditions.

“Clients choose mw lomax because they know we care about helping you achieve your goals as much as you do.”

Meet Our Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Team


Ellen Maher
Superannuation Manager


Joanna Surjadiredja
Accountant – Superannuation


Jessica Jap
Junior Accountant – Superannuation

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