Insurance For Life

How Many Times Have You Said To Yourself …
“What Would Happen To My Family
If I Was Sick, Injured, Or Dead?”

We all like to think we’re invincible, and assume that nothing really bad can touch us. The truth is serious accidents and illness always take us by surprise … and they occur when we are least expecting it!


It’s not the sort of thing we like to talk about most of the time, we prefer to hope it never happens to us. But hope is not a strategy!


Wouldn’t it be better to think through the consequences and purchase the insurance you need, so you can sleep soundly at night, and know that you have dealt with the issue effectively?


MW Lomax’s Insurance for Life division specialises in making sure that you have all the protection you need at a price you can afford. What’s more, when you purchase your insurance through us we make sure you are covered. You may find similar products through online brokers, but they will not help you with your claim in the event you need it.

Types Of Cover.

Total & Permanent Disability

  • Lump sum if you suffer a disability
  • Pay med expenses & home modifications
  • Replaces lost income & reduces debt

Income Protection

  • Regular monthly payments to age 65
  • Pays 75% of income if you are sick or injured
  • Protect your lifestyle & wealth plans


  • If you suffer a heart attack, cancer etc
  • Pay med expenses, rehab & alt treatments
  • Protect your financial position

Life Cover

  • Single payment to your family if you die
  • Protects your family and loved ones
  • Eliminates debt & replaces lost income

“Wealth management mistakes can jeopardise your future …
and limit your present options too.”

Meet Our Insurance Team.


Louis Weingarten
Specialist Insurance Adviser


Mark Horrocks
Specialist Insurance Adviser


Peter Hartnell
Specialist Insurance Adviser


Guy Dela Fuente
Specialist Risk Adviser

Insurance For Life

Diane Oliver
Business Support Manager

Clare Hollywood
Executive Assistant

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