Financial Planning

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for Your Retirement
… and it’s Never Too Late Either!

In today’s uncertain economic environment many people are worried that they’ll have to depend on Centrelink and pension benefits or face years of poverty and hardship.


We all know that the government regularly reviews its liabilities, and they are more interested in balancing the budget than securing your lifestyle and peace of mind.


What’s the solution? There’s always something you can do to make sure you have enough to live comfortably when you retire. Of course, the sooner you take action, the more options you have.


For most of our clients, financial planning is part of our comprehensive suite of solutions that work together to maximise your wealth, both now and in the future, and enable you to look ahead to a comfortable retirement with confidence and certainty.

“You’ve worked hard to generate your income. Now let us work hard to make it multiply your wealth.”

Meet Our Sydney Financial Planning Team.

Simon Hanley

Simon Hanley
Senior Financial Planner


John Mackrell
Senior Financial Planner


Helen Reidy
Client Services Manager

Meet Our Melbourne Financial Planning Team.


Ronald Kucharski
Senior Financial Planner


Susan Jones
Senior Financial Planner


Fergus Jones
Senior Financial Planner


Daniel O’Connell
Senior Financial Planner


Melanie Nguyen
Financial Planning Administrator


Paul Tosin
Chief Investment Officer – Equities Portfolios


Filip Tortevski
Equities Portfolio Manager

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