Business Advisory

It’s No Secret That Businesses Who Seek Out
Business Advisory Services Are More Profitable …

At MW Lomax our eyes are on your long-term outcomes. For business owners, that means not only ensuring that your business is growing more profitable every year, it also means creating a business that can be sold, duplicated, or passed on.


In the short term, that means that we help you create a business that allows you to do the things you really want to do now … like spending time with your family and friends, taking weekends off, and enjoying relaxing vacations.


We help you to:


  • Set goals and clarify your business vision
  • Look at the big picture and develop a long-term strategy
  • Manage budgets, funding, and financial targets
  • Design systems and processes for greater profitability and ease
  • Plan for sale, succession, and expansion of business
  • Develop your executive and management teams
  • Implement new technologies for engagement
  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • And more


What you do with your business now in terms of structure and growth will affect its long-term profitability and value as an asset. It is not just a question of tax obligations (although they are important), it is also a matter of creating systems that build value, and offer you the opportunity to sell your business, or turn it into a stream of residual income in the future.

“Clients choose us because they know we are just as passionate about helping you achieve your business goals as you are.”

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