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The world of finance is complex and highly regulated. You need integrated advice to ensure that your wealth grows quickly and you are fully protected. That’s why MW Lomax has specialists on-hand in 6 major areas to ensure that your whole portfolio is secure.

Financial Planning

Managing your existing wealth and ensuring that it is structured to grow and meet your future needs.

Mortgage Broking

Personal, investment, car, and business loans that help you accomplish your goals affordably and effectively.

Accounting & Tax

Structure your assets to minimise tax legally and maximise returns so you never get surprised by the ATO.

Insurance for Life

You hope you’ll never need it, but you want your lifestyle and family to be protected if disaster strikes.

Business Advisory

Ensure that your business is structured and run for optimal growth, saleability, and importantly, cash flow.

Self Managed Super Fund

Your SMSF is a great tool for a comfortable retirement, but it needs to be set up and managed carefully.

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MW Lomax clients and staff believe it is important to give back to the community and sporting organisations through charitable donations and sponsorships. In recent years we have supported: 

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